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24 June 2007 @ 03:48 pm

I won't lie, this weekend was a total blast. There was a Halo tournament up in Denver that I hit up. This girl and I headed up there Friday afternoon and made good time. We then proceeded to go to the venue to find one of my teammates, and then after that, we went to the Ramada to check in. Afterwards, I'm told this little kid is destroying at Guitar Hero. I joked around saying "Ohh I saw this 8 year old destroy Guitar Hero on Youtube ."  My teammate told me "That's the kid." Surely enough, it was. Check out the video if you haven't seen it. Yadda yadda yadda, I didn't enter the 2v2 tournament, mainly because there was a REAL HALO PRO who actually has made Top 8 before and Top 4 Free-For-All. That tourney was his, and he won it. He wins all the local tourneys here. So two of my teammates were at the front of the losers bracket. It was 1am, and the venue had to lock the room up so we got kicked out and they got a few bucks. The Ramada was maybe a 10 minute walk from the venue, so it was maybe a 2-3 minute drive. Well one of my teammates wanted to get a drink from a gas station. Well Denver is a backwards town, so we couldn't find any gas stations were open. We ended up driving around for over an hour and ended up in the NE part of Denver, when we were supposed to be real close to downtown (the venue was right across the street from the Pepsi Center). 

The next day, we headed down there, registered, and all that crap. We ended up destroying everyone except one team who knocked us out to the loser's bracket. We then proceeded to destroy kids in that until we got to the winner's bracket again where we got beat again. I think there was some shinanigans in that, but that's all my opinion. So we ended up taking a disappointing 2nd place. We ended up winning $34 (15% of the pot, the first place team won 85% of the pot; and by pot, I mean the money that was in the pot, not the shit that I smoke). The news was there though at the tourney, and I ended up getting wired and on the news. Check it out

And then comes my random thoughts about the whole Tisha situtation. Her and I have been buddies and hanging out since the break up, but it still feels broken. It was supposivley like this "unofficial boyfriend/girlfriend" type of deal. Well little things kept bugging me, and making me all "Wahhhh." I was not happy with her, or us, so I conclude that there isn't much of a point to be all buddy-buddy. It's not that I don't like her, it's just we're not good for each other at the moment. Usually we're really good for each other. So it got to the point where I don't care anymore. I have to put this shield of apathy up in order to protect myself and my feelings. Whatever, that didn't fly well with her. The last time I talked to her, I can't think of what she exactly, but it was along the lines of "Do you care about us anymore?" And I told her no. I'm trying not to. There is no reason to beat myself up over nothing.

But there's a reason why I'm not caring, and people probably could probably never guess why.. but yeah, there's another girl. I'm crushing over her already. This is a feeling I haven't had since high school where I would crush over girls and then never do anything about it. And the funny part about it is, I met her through Halo. Yeah yeah.. it was like a year and a half ago, two years ago on Xbox Live. Randomly, she was in my party and asked "What does the 719 in your clan mean?" I told her it was my area code and she proceded to tell me she lives in Colorado Springs like I do. Fastforward t-minus 1 week ago, I met her for the first time ever when she came to my LAN. She ended up taking me to Denver this weekend, and just getting to know her made her so much more awesome. I mean, what more can I ask for in a girl? She's short, skinny, blonde, plays Halo, drinks, smokes, listens to decent music, and is nothing short of awesome. I never knew girls like that existed and were real. That's like everything I've ever wanted in a girl. But the problem is, I don't want to get involved with another girl. Yet, I may never find one that has so much potential ever again. So I'm baffled by it. She just came out of nowhere, and swept me off my feet. Do I have a chance with her? Maybe. Will I take that chance? Probably not.

Okay okay, I'm done being emo now.

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05 June 2007 @ 11:41 pm

My life has been so hectic the last 2 months, it's been amazing.

First thing is first, Tisha and I called it quits about a month ago. That was pretty rough for me. She ended up leaving me stranded, and I said fuck it. How are you going to drop me off, then not pick me back up? My mom had to pick me up, how embarassing. So then her and I were still talking you know, like "Ohhh let's be friends." We went to see George Acosta the week after that incident and we had worked some of our problems out, but we were still both single. We had it worked out that we could still be how we were, but we couldn't mess around with others- if so, then we couldn't be an 'unofficial couple'. Well the week after Acosta, she ended up lying to me and went over to this guy's house and got piss drunk with them. I don't have a problem with that, but their is a past history between that guy and I. I guess before Tisha and I ever got together (some 2 years ago), her choices of boyfriends were me and this guy. This guy and I actually were friends at one point (he even teamed with me for Halo tournaments), but that changed when he constantly was trying to get with her while I was with her. So there was some bad blood between us. Even when my sister Amy from Alaska was out here a year and a half ago, she mouthed off this kid and told him to give us our space and all that. I didn't agree with that and she didn't even know the story, she just heard bits and pieces of what I said. Also, this guy asked Tisha to marry her so he didn't have to live on the barracks on post. Whatever though. So yeah, I'm still not over that and that's okay with me. We're still friends and all, but I don't know exactly where I stand with her. Things will never be the same with her.

Secondly, my Grandmother passed away in mid-April. It was a horrible tragedy, yet I find peace with it. It was really amazing how long she stuck it out. I remember the last time I saw her. It was in November, and I was on my way to Ft Collins to LAN and play Halo. Well Loveland (where a lot of my family is from and where my mother grew up at) is about 15 miles south of Ft Collins. So I stopped by and chatted with her and my Grandad for 15 minutes or so. I'm really glad that Halo actually did something good for me. If I didn't stop there, I would have felt horrible because prior to seeing her then, it had been several years. The viewing of her was probably the hardest part about it, just facing reality that she really is dead. I was even a Paul Bearer (I know I spelt that wrong). Hahaha, funny story, I didn't know what those were, I just thought that was the Undertaker's manager. But yeah, I feel really bad about my Grandad. What does he have in his life now? She was 78 and they were married for 60 years. RIP RUTH LAMASTERS.

Halo has been fun. In March (my 1st day of Spring Break actually), there was a tournament here in the Springs. I ended up winning it and my team won $2,000 cash. Split that 4 ways, I banked $500 for playing a video game. Amazing. And the funny thing is how there was no competition and we destroyed every single team there. There's another tournament here in 3 weeks. I'm looking forward to taking 1st or 2nd. And then I'm tempted to go to MLG Dallas or Chicago just for experience. I'm sure my ass would get handled, but then again, I could prove myself because I'm a relatively unknown player. Everyone that's good in Colorado knows who I am, but outside of the state, not many people do.

College has been a blast. I got everything back on track a year and a half ago and have been rocking a nice 3.4 GPA. I changed my major at the beginning of the last semester (January) to Philosophy. I keep thinking to myself, "Why philosophy?" So I only have a semester left at Pikes Peak Community College until I get to transfer to a University. I'm 99% positive by next January I will be enrolled at Colorado State University @ Ft Collins. That's when I'll be out in the real world, out of my parent's house and living life on my own.

My Broncos look stacked this year. On offense and defense. With the addition of Daniel Graham and Brandon Stokely, Cutler looks like he's going to have a very good season. Obviously Javon Walker and Rod Smith will be targets, but I believe Brandon Marshall is going to become a legitimate #2 receiever. With all the double coverage Javon is going to get, it's obvious that Marshall will get a lot of balls thrown his way. Champ and Dre Bly (thank you Matt Millen) both have said he's going to be spectacular. And the defense looks like it's going to get better and better. With the signing of Sam Adams, the defensive line looks solidified. With Jarvis Moss and Kenard Lang on the outside, and Gerward Warren and Sam Adams in the middle, our linebackers will be able to make some stellar plays. I'm still disappointed that Al Wilson got cut and we got absolutely no value for him, but DJ will be able to fill his role. But then again, Al was a leader, that was his defense. I guess it's Champ's now.

I will update this a lot more. I promise. The reason why it's taken me so long to update this is because the other computer (I'm on my parent's computer at the moment) is still getting dissed by spyware. I need to transfer all my music to this computer, then format the hard drive.

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11 May 2007 @ 05:47 am
Hey everyone.. I finally made a new LJ.

I want to get away from brokenxwings, mainly because everyone knew that one.. or they still do. So I'm just starting over.
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